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Are Smart Watches Really Worth It, What Smart Watches You Should Choose!

Smartwatches are growing in appeal among modern technology users. More businesses, including conventional watch firms like Titen, are now making smartwatches as a result of the sizable market. But why are smartwatches so significant and alluring, one could wonder.

Some people might believe that wristwatches are less important today because of smartphones and other technological advancements. They frequently query whether having a separate time-telling device is required when your phone does so perfectly. I've heard it said more times than I can count that smartwatches are unneeded. But those who think such simply do not comprehend what a smartwatch is capable of. Following the launch of its first smartwatch in 2013, Pebble raised a record amount of money on Kickstarter and went on to sell over a million of them.

Smart Watches:

Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus 1.83" Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling, AI Voice Assistance, 100 Sports Modes IP67 Rating, 240*280 Pixel High Resolution

Model NameNinja Call Pro
Screen Size1.83 Inches

Regarding this item

According to IDC Worldwide's Q122 wearable device tracker, Fire-Boltt is India's top wearable watch brand.
Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus, Bluetooth Calling Watch Using the built-in speaker and microphone, a smart watch lets you make and take calls directly from the device. This smartwatch has a dial pad, the ability to retrieve recent calls, and sync contacts from your phone.

Smartwatch with a 1.83" HD Display The watch's 46.48mm (1.83-inch) HD display makes it clear and true-to-life, with brilliant colours providing easy readability and maintaining the watch's elegant appearance.

With the smartwatch's built-in voice assistant, you can just give commands to it to carry out your requests.

Track every hike you take or every game of football, cricket, or kabaddi you play with the "100 Sport Modes" feature. Fire-Boltt Ninja Call Pro Plus has you covered with over 100 sports modes.

With the help of cutting-edge technology and an HRS chipset, the smartwatch can provide readings for SpO2 and heart rate that are remarkably accurate. This tiny health device monitors your sleep to give you a healthy glow every day.

Technical Details

Fire-Boltt India's No 1 Smartwatch Brand Talk 2 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch with Dual Button, Hands On Voice Assistance, 60 Sports Modes, in Built Mic & Speaker with IP68 Rating

Model NameTalk 2
ColourSilver Grey
Screen Size1.28 Inches

Regarding this item

With the built-in speaker and microphone of the Fire-Boltt Talk 2 smart watch's "Bluetooth Calling Watch," you can place and receive calls right from your watch. This smartwatch has a dial pad, the ability to retrieve recent calls, and sync contacts from your phone. Dual button technology allows this smart watch with a call feature to complete things more quickly and effortlessly. Use the first button to switch the menu's appearance and go back to the home page; the second button will take you directly to the exercise page.
Voice Assistant – Use your smartwatch to control your smartphone using voice commands. This feature makes work more convenient and quick. To activate the voice assistant on your phone, tap the AI feature put in to facilitate quick and easy work. To use the voice assistant on your phone and make calls without any issues or to hear the weather report, simply tap the AI function; Track 60 distinct activities modes, including walking, climbing, kabbadi, cricket, and many others, to reap the rewards of every sweatdrop and calorie expended. This smartwatch is IP68 water resistant, making it resistant to sweat as well as dust, spills, and rainfall.
Built-in Speaker and Mic: Use the built-in Mic to make HD Calls while listening to your favourite music on the watch;
The 1.28" TFT LCD Full Touch Display on this smartwatch sports a 2D High Hardness Glass for maximum protection and a high resolution of 240*240 pixels. This watch has a whole metal body.
Monitor your blood oxygen levels at any time, anyplace with "SPo2 Monitoring." Track your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and many sports modes with this watch's 360 Health Ecosystem; Play two minigames as a pleasure or leisure activity with the "Play Games On Your Wrist" command. Get all of your smartphone notifications on your watch and keep informed about trends, meeting emails, and much more with "Smart Notification." Remotely access smartphone features: Use a single touch on the watch to take images or change the music. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later, and Bluetooth version 5.0 or later.
Brand Material Type: Silicone; Compatible Devices: Smartphonetablet; Band Color: Grey; Included Components: 1u Smartwatch, 1u Charging Cable, 1u Manual; Color Name: Silver Grey; Human Interface Input: Buttons touch Screen microphone; Clasp Type: Tang Buckle.

Product information

Technical Details

Health Fitness Tracker:

How Health Fitness Tracker May Benefit you!

Fitbits may encourage older women to exercise more, according to a research in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. The Harvard Health Letter explained that the tools may help you be more accountable to yourself, thus this finding may be significant. This is so that you can clearly see how active or sedentary you are being.

Because we aren't objective when assessing our own progress, fitness trackers are more accurate than manually recording your activity in a journal or notepad. Trackers merely report our activity to us; they are stern, objective judges.

You will receive feedback on your goal and whether you reached it right away if you set a goal, say, to increase your daily steps by 1000. That may increase  your movement and exercise and motivate you
to built on your progress.

monitoring your actions

Daily steps are one of the most basic metrics that practically all fitness monitors track. The tracker will count your daily steps just like a basic pedometer would. 10000 steps a day is a general recommendation for maintaining healthy behaviour.

Although steps are a useful measure, they are not the only one to use. Heart rate tracking is now a feature on more fitness trackers, all of which do not require a chest strap. Also, they are often wrist-worn and flash a light on the blood vessels in your wrist using a sensor to measure the change in blood flow that occurs with every beat of your heart.

According to the Harvard Health Letter, aerobic exercise should be performed at 60 to 80 percent of your maximal heart rate in order to increase your stamina and cardiac fitness. Subtract your age from 220 to get your maximum rate. Some trackers also keep track of your sleep quality, notifying you of any nighttime agitation. 

Maximizing its potential

A fitness tracker's advantages can only be realised if you use it. Pick the one that best fits your routine. Consider versions with long-lasting batteries, for instance, if you won't remember to charge it every few days. Consider a waterproof model if taking it off to take a shower makes you more likely to forget to put it back on.

So, here I will show you some amazing fitbit you people can prefer:

boAt Xtend Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in, 1.69” HD Display, Multiple Watch Faces, Stress Monitor, Heart & SpO2 Monitoring, 14 Sports Modes, Sleep Monitor, 5 ATM & 7 Days Battery(Pitch Black)

ColourPitch Black
Screen Size1.54 Inches
Special FeatureSleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor
Target AudienceUnisex Teen, Unisex Adult

Regarding this item

The built-in voice assistant Alexa may be used to remind you of things, set alarms, and provide information on everything from weather forecasts to current cricket scores.

Screen Size: 1.69" square, colour LCD with a round dial that offers a full capacitive touch experience so you can easily take control.

Watch Faces: Choose from a variety of watch faces with adaptable features to complement your daily OOTD!
Brightness: The ambient light display enables automatic brightness change on the watch to fit your surroundings.

HR & SpO2- The watch has a stress monitor that reads your heart rate to determine your degree of stress. To keep tabs on your general health, it also tracks your heart rate and SpO2 (blood oxygen levels).

Sleep Check: Use the sleep monitoring feature on the watch to monitor your sleep health and track all stages of sleep each night.
Sports-Friendly – It is the ideal fitness partner thanks to its 14 sports modes and 5 ATM dust, splash, and sweat resistance.

Product information

Technical Details

OnePlus Smart Band: 13 Exercise Modes, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Heart Rate & Sleep Tracking, 5ATM+Water & Dust Resistant( Android & iOS Compatible)

Model NameW101IN
StyleSmart Band
Screen Size1.1 Inches

Regarding this item

The primary tracker's removable construction makes switching between vibrant dual-color strap combinations simple. Up to 14 days of battery life; 100 mAh battery size
Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) spot tests during the day and continuous sleep monitoring can rapidly and precisely identify potential health problems.

Access important mobile capabilities, such as music controls, camera shutter controls, call and message notifications, and many more, right from your wrist.
The OnePlus Health App analyses health data, offers insights, and offers advise on your personal health in addition to OTA software updates. There is now an iOS version of the OnePlus Health App.

The band is dust and water resistant up to 50 metres for 10 minutes and is 5ATM and IP68 certified.
Blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) monitoring while sleeping and on-demand daytime spot checks can swiftly and precisely identify potential health problems.

Access important mobile features like music, camera shutter controls, call and message notifications, and many more that are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones right from your wrist display.
TPU is the material, and touch screens are the human input devices.

Product information

Technical Details

Wrist Watches:

Here I will talk about importance of wrist watches:

I will explain you the reason why you should wear watches!

  • Watches are convenient to wear.

Phones don't make you more reliable. Watches function in this way.

One popular answer from a generation that is now considering the negative impacts of continual smartphone use is "I don't need a watch since I have a phone." The truth is that constantly reaching for your phone in your pocket to check the time appears desperate.

While on a date or in a meeting, a quick glance at your wrist is a lot more elegant method to check the time. Not to mention how impolite it would appear to your company if you took out your phone in the middle of a discussion. A watch is a lot more discrete and practical way to check the time on other occasions, such as the beach, a funeral, or a wedding, where it is advised to leave the phone hidden.

  •  Watches Can Be Used

Some watches just tell the time, while others display the date and the day or allow you to create timers.
Any item with military inspiration has a purpose. watchbands included.

The military employed wristwatches for the first time in the 19th century to coordinate manoeuvres throughout the conflict. Since then, divers have used specialist timepieces in the ocean's depths and aviators have used them at great altitudes.

A complicated watch is one that has functionality other than just telling the time. Complications are used to describe this capability. The chronograph, which turns the watch into a stopwatch, and the moon phase complication, which shows where the moon is in the lunar cycle, are two of the most well-known complexities.

Whether you choose a mechanical or quartz watch, you can be sure it will function properly for many years without any upkeep.

Modern microchips are not found in the best watches. They are run on clever mechanical clockwork technology from the days before electricity.

  • There are range of stylish watches

There isn't much jewellery that men can wear. Many guys will just have three primary pieces of jewellery on their hands: one of the different varieties of men's watches, a chic set of cuff links, and, if they're married, a straightforward wedding band.

Wristwatches make it simpler for wearers to express their sense of style while also assisting them in keeping to their schedules. Depending on the brand of the watch, they can convey a suggestion of danger, adventure, or sports. They are a form of self-expression.

So how might a man use accessories to his advantage?

The wearer's watch can reveal a lot about their personality. Getting a Rolex can be a good option for those who want to avoid wearing bulky jewellery on their wrist.

So, here I will show you some amazing wrist watches!

TIMEX Analog Rose Gold Dial Women's Watch-TWEL155SMU10

Product Details:

Case Diameter:  35 mm
Band ColourRose Gold
Brand Colour:   Rose gold

Brand Material type:  Stain less steel

Modal  Name:  TWEL155SMU10

Country of origin: India

About this Item

  • 3 Hands

Additional Information:




Item Dimensions LxWxH: 25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 Centimeters

Generic Name:  Casual

Fossil Chronograph White Dial Men's Watch-CH2882


Product Details

Case Diameter
44 Millimetres
Band Colour
Band Material Type
WarrantyType: Manufacturer

Country of Origin

About this Item

  • Fossil Decker CH2882 Analogue Watch - For Men

Additional Information



Item Dimensions LxWxH
7 x 9 x 9 CM

Generic Name: Watch
Generic NameGeneric Name                Watch


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